It’s never too early to start curating that chic summer wardrobe of yours. First thing on the list? The perfect summer shorts. Here are 5 tips on achieving that perfect cut, color, and style to get you through those hot summer days.

1)    Give yourself some time- Finding the right pair of shorts is hardly an easy (or quick) task. Don’t expect to find the perfect cut and fit in the first try, so make sure to not rush yourself. Turn off your phone, and if you want, bring an honest friend with you to give advice and pull extra options for you.

2)    Discover what fits best for your body- Not all trends and styles are created for everyone; the sooner you realize this, the happier you’ll be. What you should do is focus on what will look good on YOU, and embrace it. We are only guaranteed this very moment, why waste it wishing you were this size or that shape? Focus that negative energy toward finding something that embraces your true inner and outer beauty. Mid-thigh shorts that flare out from the leg as well as straight-leg Bermuda shorts work well on a petite, curvy girl. Thin, petite girls will seem taller in mid-thigh or cuffed shorts and some heels. Women who are tall and curvy can get away with a pair of Bermudas. Tall and thin women can rock a pair of cut-off or mid-thigh shorts.

3)    Get the proper length- If you’re petite, go for shorts that don’t extend past your knee, otherwise you’ll appear shorter. On the other hand taller women should make sure their shorts aren’t too short, which exposes too much leg. A pair that hits mid-thigh is great. Anything shorter or longer, and you’re probably not going to reach your full stylist potential.

4)    Find the right style- Think about your personal style, and on what occasions you would wear your shorts. If you want to often dress casually with your shorts, go for the classic denim style. Want to wear shorts for work AND for going out? Opt for a tailored chino you can dress up or down. A bright hue or print is a refreshing alternative. In fact, it’s encouraged.

5)    Hide your problem areas- The cheapest and most effective way to feel more confident about your body image is to simply know how to camouflage your not-so-favorable features and highlight the best ones. If you have a curvy stomach or bottom, make sure to avoid a low-rise waist or anything that hugs too close to your figure. Look for shorts that aren’t too over embellished, or have a lot of pockets that will draw unwanted attention to said problem areas. For ladies who are lacking curves, try a bold color or pattern. Inversely, a dark color will always aid in slimming your silhouette.

Complete your look with a complimentary top and accessories. Woven tops and a pair of simple pumps will add some lux to your look. A casual, relaxed fit tee with sandals or strappy wedges look great for a relaxed, beachy appearance. Don’t forget to check out our selection, which grows each week as we approach summer.

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