Shopping for the perfect Halloween costume can be a lot of stress, not to mention expensive! It’s amazing how much we’ll spend on some cheaply made costume that we’re only going to wear for a couple of hours then throw in the attic or give away. That seems silly doesn’t it? So here’s what I think, why not get something you’ll wear on the daily and then double it as your costume?

I’ve put together four Halloween costumes with our awesome fall arrivals so you can focus on what really matters this October 31ST – eating as much candy as possible! Don’t forget, calories don’t exist on holidays! You will look so much more amazing and chic than you would in all those other flimsy polyurethane pieces you’ll find at your local Spirit Halloween store.

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1) Sandy from Grease. The key to a successful Halloween costume is finding the right combination of uniqueness and recognition. I can’t even begin to imagine how many Miley Cyruses there will be this year. Stand out from the crowd! This iconic look from the film favorite “Grease” is feminine, sassy, and fun. Our new Henry & Belle Coated Super Skinny Ankle jeans are a perfect piece for this costume. Rather than wearing leather pants (90’s, anyone?) or liquid leggings (brrr!), you can be fashionable and true to character with these pants. Plus they are a great statement piece to add to your winter wardrobe! Wear them with a black shirt or tank like Niki Biki Plain Jersey 3/4 Sleeve Top and then complete the look with a leather jacket! It seems that everyone has a leather jacket as it is such a basic piece, but if you’re still looking for your perfect match, check out our Velvet by Graham & Spencer Dorcia Jacket. It is a mixed media jacket with leather accents that give it an updated feel. Top off the costume with a curly blonde wig (or your own!) and a killer pair of heels and go find your John Travolta!

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2) Not-So-Classic Cat. This idea is great for moms who still want to celebrate Halloween but want the focus to be on their children. After all, you probably slaved for hours over the sewing machine to make the perfect “Monsters U” costume, right? Rather than opting for the dime-a-dozen “Black Cat” look, upgrade to patterns and be a chic leopard! Wear a pair of our fabulously fun Sanctuary Ankle Zip Charmer in Tobacco and the Velvet by Graham & Spencer Lovey Crew Neck Top. Not only will you be super comfy while escorting your little ones or handing out candy, but you’ll look great, too! Finish the costume with a pair of Yosi Samra Ballet Flat in Leopard Pony Hair for an extra kick of kitten and top with a pair of ears and a tail! Me-ow!

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3) Free Love 1960’s Hippie. It’s Portland! Why not pay homage to our peace-loving roots? Instead of being Carrie Bradshaw this year, go back to where it all started: the 1960’s! Luckily our fall collection has a few psychedelically colored pieces to make this costume. The RVCA Lycia Shawl is too fun to pass up! The fringe and mix of colors are sure to make you look groovy. Wear it over the Red 23 Hankercheif Tank and let the fabric flow! What is more essential to the 60’s than flared denim? Although this look isn’t too popular right now, we have a great alternative. The Henry & Belle Stretch Satin Micro Flare has an understated flare and is modern enough to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.  Accessorize with glasses, peace signs, and feathers and don’t forget to stick it to The Man!

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4) Fashionable Zombie. With all of the hype surrounding The Walking Dead, who doesn’t want to be a zombie?! Instead of awkward conversation with strangers, just groan! Don’t worry about adult beverages impairing your ability to walk, just stumble! You can put together this costume easily with just a few pieces. We love the Prairie Underground Off the Grid Tunic for this look. The detailing looks a bit like rips, adding to the scare factor. To accessorize, mutilate a pair of black tights and wear with a pair of combat boots. For a touch of “hardcore,” go with a metallic nail polish like Butter London’s Nail Lacquer in Marbs. The only step left is to perfect your emotionally-dead, brain-hungry gaze.

Hopefully this list de-stressed your Halloween and now you can one-stop-shop for the big day. As for me, I like to nerd out and DIY my own costumes, so I am constructing a TARDIS dress from the TV show Doctor Who. Gotta let my freak flag fly! Now onto the next dilemma of Halloween – Which to eat first? Reeses or Twix?