One of my secret superpowers is the ability to always find a good deal! I’m always on the prowl for free samples or discount codes. I haven’t quite ventured into the realm of extreme couponing (so much math!), but it could definitely be in my future. However, my frugalness and the beauty of high fashion rarely mix. I’ve tried to make my own clothes, but the sewing machine and I seem to never get along. The solution? Copy runway looks with similar, but more accessible pieces! I found a few looks from the Fall 2013 season that I LOVE and tried to recreate them in 100% Shop Adorn style!



1) Project Runway. Although the designer may still be up and coming, this is my favorite look of fashion week! Printed leggings and pants are so popular, but I love how both the runway leggings and the Pendleton Portland Collection Heceta Pant have a sophisticated upgrade. To keep the sense of movement on the top, I chose the Bobi Oversized Scoop Tee to wear with the pants. The elbow length gloves are up to you.



2) Project Runway. Another unique, yet wearable look! I love the mixing of textiles in this outfit. While the runway look is very cable-knit focused, ours matches the knit Pendleton Portland Collection Coos Curry Cardigan with a more structured dress. The Prairie Underground Denim Day Dress is great for fall layering and as a simple spring dress once May rolls around! Who says you have to buy a whole new wardrobe for the colder seasons?


3) Rachel Zoe. I love how fashion always challenges me to think about clothing in ways I’m not used to. I would have never thought to wear a cardigan over a piece of outerwear, but this look is gorgeous! It looks comfortable enough to wear to run errands, but still put-together so there’s no fear if you run into an ex! I layered the Daron French Terry Jacket over the Prairie Underground The Hunter Jacket and paired it with the Prairie Underground Lucky Strike Leggings!


4) Antonio Berardi. Statement pieces are always a little intimidating to wear. I would have to be one fearless, fabulous lady to rock this Antonio Berardi jacket at New Seasons. That’s why I’m obsessed with our Prairie Underground Velvet Victorian Hoodie. Its unique hood can be draped over the shoulders for a very high fashion feel, but it won’t attract quite so many gawking looks! This hoodie also feels a bit classier than the others in the collection due to its velvet lining around the zipper. Too cute! To get the runway look, I simply paired it with our Sanctuary Boucle Dress. There’s something about dresses in winter that I’m just obsessed with!

While copying the runway styles may be fun, it’s no replacement for personal style. Get out there and wear what you love! Maybe someday bloggers will be copying outfits off of you, instead!