While it’s not socially acceptable to wear your jammies in public, I can guarantee that Hard Tail will make it hard for you to tell the difference. In this week’s layering post, I’m using the Hard Tail pull-over hoodie as the staple for three different looks anyone could easily pull off. Even better, we’ve made it easy for you to find all of these pieces in one place! Just click the link below the image if you’re interested!


Left to right: M. Rena Dress, NikiBiki Leggings, The Portland Collection Jacket, Hard Tail Hoodie

When you want to amp up your look, always opt for a great structural jacket. It’s the easiest way to make your whole outfit look that much more put together. This Pendleton Portland Collection jacket works great over the Hard Tail hoodie with a pair of NikiBiki Leggings – another fabulous layering option for your gams. They are truly one-size-fits-all. Pair the hoodie with the crowd favorite M. Rena dress and you’ve just bumped up your cool factor.

hard-tail-casualLeft to right: M. Rena Dress, Hard Tail Hoodie, Krochet Kids Scarf

The M. Rena sleeveless rayon dress is a seamless tank dress that has a scoop neck on one side and a v-neck on the other. It is a wonderful piece to throw on under the hoodie but it could work literally under anything! It is a fitted silhouette that will flatter any figure! Wrap a Krochet Kids scarf around your neck to your liking and you’re set!

hard-tail-comfyLeft to right: Hard Tail Tee, Hard Tail Hoodie, Hard Tail Leggings

Not to say the other outfits aren’t comfortable, but this outfit in particular is the trifecta of comfort. Starting with the Hard Tail Long Skinny Tee, this is one of our best selling items. A gracefully scooped neckline begins a long figure-skimming tee cut from an exceptionally soft, cotton/lycra knit blend fabric and finished casually with a roll-edge hem. The versatility of this piece is nowhere near limited; you’ll enjoy the many outfit combinations with the ability to scrunch up and play with the hem.

So ladies, this is your public service announcement that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! We hope you got some good inspiration from these three different ways you can layer up with the Hard Tail pull-over hoodie.