It’s officially Spring time, everyone! I am happy to say that my closet has already begun it’s “spring transition”, and man, does it look bright and beautiful. It may be impossible for me to choose one favorite spring trend, but one of the top three is definitely floral. Whether it be in the form of print, appliqué, or embroidery, I’m into it, and you should be too.

Floral hit the runways and streets hard last Spring and this season, a romantic revival has bloomed, pun intended. If you browse street style blogs, runway shows, and campaigns, you’re bound to discover floral somewhere in the mix; even full-on floral looks.

Here’s three looks I put together on Polyvore of the Ella Moss Citrus Floral Top

Relaxed: You are the woman with a calm presence. You know what you like and what looks good on you. Color is represented minimally on you, but you make up for it by styling your layers and accessorizing in an effortlessly chic way.

Casual Glam: You are a woman of ultimate class, and just a little bit of sass. A pair of rugged denim, some pumps, and gold baubles will tie this look together for a casual glam vibe.

Bold: You are courageously daring, so mixing floral with floral is a great look for you. Polish it off with minimal (well, at least to you) accessories and a killer pair of pumps that show your leg well.

This 100% silk chiffon blouse is a must have floral item that you can wear in many more ways! Customers who have visited us at our Portland boutique are raving about it!

Check out our Flora Fever Pinterest board with more floral fever to get your inspiration groovin’. We encourage you to share your ideas with us by making your own set on Polyvore and share it by pinning it to our styling board. Of course, check out the other boards too! We update them daily.

Even if at first you don’t think this trend is for you, try experimenting by mixing florals of different colors, sizes, and shapes together that fashionably coincide with the rest of your outfit. It could be as minimal as some floral on your bangle, or as maximal as head to toe floral; either way, make it your own!

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