life after denim slim fit chinos

When you hear the phrase “Nantucket Red Pants,” I’m sure your brain wanders to images of immaculate summer homes and preppy dudes on sailboats. Don’t worry- mine went there too. But these Life After Denim Slim Fit Chinos in Brick Dust are surprisingly casual and you don’t need to know how to play polo (or even want to know) to wear them. These chinos are incredibly versatile so you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion and they’re a refreshing break from khaki or black. Wear them like you would any other neutral pant, just make sure that you pair them with another neutral (think gray/black/white/navy hues) and keep any print or design to a minimum. Check out some of the pieces that we styled them with and don’t be afraid to take the Nantucket Red plunge!

Life After Denim Slim Fit Chinos

Worn with the Original Penguin Basic Slub Jack Polo.Life After Denim Slim Fit ChinosWorn with Bridge & Burn Coleman Shirt and a Neves Belt (available in store).

Life After Denim Slim Fit ChinosWorn with the RVCA Brubeck Cardigan and a Threads 4 Thoughts Basic Crew Tee.

Life After Denim ChinosWorn with the VSTR Compression Crew.