When it comes to accessories, skinny belts can go a long way. It’s a fun and easy way to add an extra something to your look without breaking the bank. We’ve got these great little belts from Belgo Lux available at our Portland boutique in different colors, textures, and sizes. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “just throw a belt on it,” but here’s a few simple tips and ideas for how to make the most out of styling them into an outfit.

Free People Keep Me TeeGenetic Denim Stem Mid Rise JeanYosi Samra Leopard Ballet FlatBelgo Lux Belt (available in store)

It may seem silly to suggest wearing a belt with jeans since the original purpose was to keep you pants from falling down, but with skinny belts they don’t offer much support. This is pretty much in the sake of fashion, but try wearing one with a pair of high-rise jeans like these from Genetic Denim so they accenuate the waist. Then you can either pair it with a slim fitting shirt or you can try the half-tuck trend like I did here. This is also an easy way to add a pop of color whether you want to mix some brights together like I did here. Or if you want it to be more subtle, say for a work apporpriate outfit, you could use a bright belt to add a little style to neutral basics.

Free People All Wrapped Up DressBelgo Lux Belt (available in store)

One of the most common uses of skinny belts is over dresses, but just make sure that you’re wearing it in a spot that makes sense with the dress. For example, this Free People dress has an imperial waist, so you want to keep the belt cinched higher. With a more shapeless tunic you could wear it lower around the hips. Have fun with different textures, like this braided belt, to add a little dimension and interest.

Left on Houston Tribe Sweater; Niki Biki CamiGentle Fawn Nomad MaxiBelgo Lux Belt (available in store)

Another way to mix up an outfit is to throw a belt on with a cardigan. You can play with wrapping the cardi over itself, or you could leave it open and belt the top that’s underneath the sweater. This will help show off your waist if your figure tends to get lost in open sweaters.