Studio SKB
Wednesday night was the third edition of Fade to Light, produced by Elizabeth Mollo (who contributes to plenty notable events in town like Alley 33 and FashioNXT) and hosted by the Crystal Ballroom. All of Portland’s finest designers went great lengths to complete the full experience of their new collections using film, video, and live performance art. The result this time around was one of the most entertaining fashion installments I’ve been to. While the show didn’t skip a beat in facilitating memorable moments, and I loved all of the designers, I picked a few highlights:

EmitImage Credit: Saxon Trobaugh

1) All the laser cut goodness by Emit. I’ve already known about these guys for a little while since their pop-up shop last fall but now I love them even more!

Au Clothing by Michelle LesniakImage credit: OSI Photography

2) The houndstooth cape! Oh so good. Au Clothing by Michelle Lesniak.

Studio SKBImage credit: OSI Photography

3) When I realized Audrey Hepburn (in a video on display) wasn’t the only one getting her locks chopped. Bravely done by Sharon Blair of Studio SKB. Even better, Sharon’s hair was donated to the ‘Locks of Love’ charity.

Quick Study Image credit: Saxon Trobaugh

4) When all lost faith in functional AND chic biking clothing was restored. Casual cycling is possible, thanks to Quick Study.

Chicago HarperImage credit: OSI Photography

5) When this whole look made my heart explode. It all works so well. I secretly want to dress my boyfriend in everything by Chicago Harper.

Bryce BlackImage Credit: Saxon Trobaugh

6) Bryce Black. Need I say more? From the amazing mix of materials like faux fur
and rainbow burnout fabrics, to the INSANE dance performance. It was anything but basic.

Double thumbs up to Elizabeth Mollo and team for producing yet again another night of unforgettable times and some of the best designers in Portland. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next show. Be sure to follow Fade to Light on facebook!
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