The Portland Mercury just wrapped Open Season 2013, the ninth rendition of the highly regarded indie fashion show. This year, it happened over not one, but four consecutive nights at four different local hot spots. It was a really cool approach to the typical fashion show (sooo Portland), with tube lights framing a runway throughout each location. This way, everyone in the house had a good view. As per usual, the lineup was one not to miss. Here’s the lowdown just in case you weren’t there:

The first night was at the White Owl Social Club, and Holly Stalder, Emily Ryan, and Liza Rietz—three women who catapulted the Portland fashion community—showed their newest creations.
hollystalder_openseason2013_1 hollystalder_openseason2013_4 hollystalder_openseason2013_5 hollystalder_openseason2013Photo Credit: Holly Stalder

Holly Stalder went right after my own heart with a dreamy collection of pieces hand dyed with indigo dye. To complete the look, Sarah Vale of Seaecho provided custom designs of her highly sought-after clutches and Emily Baker of Sword + Fern supplied the perfect ‘beachy’ jewelry to fit the mood. Every detail made sense and looked gorgeous.

EmilyRyan_Openseason2013_1 EmilyRyan_Openseason2013_2EmilyRyan_Openseason2013_3EmilyRyan_Openseason2013Photo Credit: Portland Mercury

Emily Ryan featured a sensational mix of textures and shapes all tied together through roomy silhouettes and feminine lines. Her inspiration from Japanese fashion and geometric shapes was clear in every look. I loved all of the dimensions and dramatic silhouettes. 

 LizaRietz_Openseason2013_ LizaRietz_Openseason2013_1LizaRietz_Openseason2013_3 lizarietz_openseason2013_12Photo Credits: Portland Mercury & Portland Monthly

Liza Rietz gave us a timeless assembly of part structural part whimsical dresses that looked so chic. The color story was pretty neutral aside from the brilliant jungle print–and OMG can we take a moment for that necklace paired with it? The styling with BOET jewelry was simply perfect.

Night number two was at the beautiful Produce Row Café, where Brady Lange & Reif gave us even more reasons to get amped on summertime attire.

BradyLange_OpenSeason2013_ BradyLange_OpenSeason2013_2 BradyLange_OpenSeason2013_3 BradyLange_OpenSeason2013_4bradylange_openseason_     Photo Credits: Portland Mercury & Brady Lange

I adored Brady Lange’s flirty and cool aesthetic with a head-to-toe flamingo outfit, chambray jumpers, an amazing aqua colored two-piece suit, and cool geometric prints with textured cut-outs. Oh, umm… also HAVE to take a moment for the Solestruck shoes paired with each look. Brady’s use of shapes, colors, and textures are stylishly offbeat but still marketable to a wide range of fashionable ladies and dudes.

reif_openseason2013_1reif_openseason2013_3reif_openseason2013_4reif_openseason2013_2reif_openseason_6Photo Credits: Portland Mercury & Lindsey Reif

Reif closed the show with an ultra-femme collection, satiated with romantic cut-outs, art-deco like prints, and intricate tailoring. The styling was super awesome too. I loved the bright yellow lips and strong brows. The jewelry used was by Coco Cardenas. Lindsey Reif has a real talent for designing tastefully refined pieces.

Night three was one of the more highly anticipated nights, Designers Rachel Turk, Nathaniel Crissman, and John Blasioli of Pendleton’s The Portland Collection have cultivated quite a fan base. The Fall 2013 collection made its first physical debut on the makeshift runway at Rontoms. I had already seen the entire collection in their catalog, but it was still exciting to view the pieces in person and really see the fabrics and construction up close—‘cause I’m nerdy like that.


The Lovers dressed up in TPC threads, appropriately enough, and supplied the heavy drums by the fireplace as the show began. Each model strutted along the dimly lit runway in harmony to the beat of the drums and synthesized vocals.

1368679754-dsc_0117 1368680066-dsc_0140 1368680325-dsc_0155

Photo Credit: Portland Mercury

Pendleton_OpenSeason_4 Pendleton_OpenSeason_


See the full collection on our Pendleton Portland Collection Pinterest Board, coming to Shop Adorn Fall 2013

Everything about this collection is just plain cool. While I adored all of the other collections, I may have to say this one is my favorite. The muted color stories and bounteous use of tone-on-tone layering made my little Portland heart happy. The classic Navajo prints and plaid was still there, just not as loudly as before. I think they knew that it’s what we love about Pendleton, but we wanted to see more this time. My most favorite outfit was definitely the wool two-piece suit in that rich crimson color. I need to will have this in my life, ASAP.

Day four of Open Season 2013 was the unveiling of a top-secret collaboration by the named Immaculate Martin at Dig a Pony.



immaculatemartin_openseason_3 immaculatemartin_openseason_2immaculatemartin_openseason_7
immaculatemartin_openseason_9immaculatemartin_openseason_6 immaculatemartin_openseason_10 Portland fashion veterans Adam Arnold and Elizabeth Dye (of The English Department) showed us what they’ve been keeping on the down low up until the show began. Immaculate Martin is a whole lot of colorful mash-ups of old meets new; free-spirited meets urbane. Each of the models wore masks, and even the designers themselves started and ended the show in full disguises. It was a fantastic way to end a fabulous 4-night saga of fashion. I give double thumbs up to the whole Mercury Fashion crew for putting on yet another successful Open Season. Count me in for next year.