Current Obsession: Prairie Underground Forties Coverall

We promise we aren’t crazy! You may think that coveralls are the opposite of fashionable, but if worn correctly, they can be the comfiest piece of clothing you own – there’s a reason babies love them, right? I love the retro look and the “Rosie the Riveter” vibe. Ditch your go-to sundress and embrace your inner girl power with the Prairie Underground Forties Coverall!

forties1 Current Obsession: Prairie Underground Forties Coverall

You’ve probably seen these coveralls in the store but been weary of trying them on. I admit, they’re pretty intimidating, but they look great on so many different body types! You can wear them with some grungy boots, fierce heels, or simple flats – making it appropriate for all weather and casual occasions! Just look at these adorable customers who took the plunge…

forties2 Current Obsession: Prairie Underground Forties Coverall

Jill added a pop of color with the Calou Astrid High Heel Clog and stylist Sara dressed her coveralls up with a cosmopolitan pair of heels! The neutral shade of navy allows you to pair it with just about everything. Go bold with a statement bracelet like the Betsy and Iya Brooklyn Bridge Cuff or keep it simple and layer it under a slouchy cardigan. Every lady loves a versatile Prairie Underground piece and the coverall is definitely a trend that won’t be going anywhere soon. Still not drinking the kool-aid? Stop by and let us style you in it. At the very least, you’ll have some Snapchat worthy pics!

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Nail These Spring Trends!

One of the beautiful things about the Internet is that you can learn how to do just about anything! When it comes to DIY beauty, we are enormous fans here at Shop Adorn. Any nail look inspired by the beautiful spring palette below is sure to be tres chic. But to take your nails to the next level this season, try one (or all) of the simple and unique nail art ideas incorporating these stylish spring hues. Complete with their own easy-to-follow pictorials, you have no excuse not to try and love them all. Get to painting, fashionistas!

color block nails tutorial 619x1200 Nail These Spring Trends!

1) Color Block it Up! What better way to bring in the spring season than with this bright and clean cut nail? The white will make your tan pop and the colors are vibrant enough not to look too easter-y.

bright pastel nails e1397531646207 Nail These Spring Trends!

2) Pastel + Texture. Add interest to a pastel nail with some peek-a-boo texture. You don’t need the steady hand of a surgeon to achieve these crisp lines – just use striping tape! The tutorial makes it look almost fool-proof. Choosing a versatile color like pink will ensure that your nails never clash with your outfit. The matte, pastel color of Butter London Kerfuffle would be perf!

nails Nail These Spring Trends!

3) Edgy Half-Moon. You can never go wrong with black, no matter what the season! This nail look may not be bursting with color, but it’s definitely bursting with style. If you’re hesitant to adorn your nails in technicolor, this fresh nail design is just the right look for you

We hope you have enjoyed these easy-to-do (and easy to rock!) nail art ideas. Do you ladies have any tips for the perfect manicure? Maybe you swear by running those pretty digits under a cold faucet before going about your day. We LOVE the Butter London line for a long lasting, and smooth-as-butter mani-pedi – that’s why its one of the two brands we selectively carry!

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Brand Spotlight: Central Park West

Screen Shot 2014 04 09 at 11.43.45 AM 900x393 Brand Spotlight: Central Park West

It’s a little bit of New York fashion in Portland! We’re thrilled to begin carrying the uber cool brand Central Park West. Created in 1999, CPW creates fashionable and wearable pieces with craftsmanship and unique details in mind. Just take a peek at the Central Park West Sahara Jacket in Chambray. It combines the sleek fashion of a blazer with a delicate powder blue palette. We love styling colored jackets over neutral dresses, so this piece will definitely be a hit for spring!

Central Park West‘s design team is based in the glamorous New York City and tries to find the most innovative members to create fashion-forward pieces. Silk and cashmere are no strangers to the brand. Luxurious fabrics are often used to produce trend-conscious pieces that will last forever!

My current obsession is the Central Park West Chile Pullover! The feminine draping in the front is great for any body type and the peek-a-boo back is 100% silk. My guilty fashion pleasure for spring is wearing cozy sweaters with a pair of shorts. It’s comfortable and you can still get a bit of color on your legs! Top the look off with a pair of Calou Astrid Clogs and you’re ready for a Sunday fun-day!

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Online Customer of the Month – Kathy S.!

customer of the month Online Customer of the Month   Kathy S.!

 Online Customer of the Month   Kathy S.!

 Online Customer of the Month   Kathy S.!Looking stunning as usual, Kathy is wearing the Prairie Underground Ionic Blouse!

Kathy truly is one of our biggest supporters! She shops both online and in-store and frequently attends all of our Prairie Underground events. Customers like Kathy are what keep us passionate about helping the ladies of Portland discover their personal style. She exudes confidence and isn’t afraid to go out and get exactly what she wants. Thanks, Kathy, for being so awesome and inspirational!

Q: Have you always lived in Portland? If not, where do you call home and what brought you here?
A: I was born in San Diego, but raised in Oregon. I went back to San Diego for college, and loved the Southern California lifestyle, but I can’t think of any better place to live now than Portland.

Q: What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you are passionate about.
A: I was trained as a dietitian and have spent my entire career in health education and health promotion. I currently manage the diabetes education program for Providence and work with a fabulous team of diabetes educators across Oregon. It is an exciting time to be in healthcare and my team and I are working on new ways to improve care for people with diabetes.    

Q: Any special talents or hobbies you want to share?
A: In my spare time—and when the weather is nice—I love to hike in our amazing Columbia Gorge. I also love to grow food, cook, and eat– thus the need for those hikes! I love eating fresh from my garden, and I’m kind of obsessed with fermenting food, making kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, and anything else I can dream up. It’s fun and healthy.

Q: How did you first hear about Adorn?
A: My love affair with Shop Adorn began with Prairie Underground. I had seen some Prairie on the web, and searched for a place to find it in Portland. Shop Adorn was at the top of every list, and the glowing Yelp reviews drew me in. It instantly became my favorite place to shop. There are other places to buy Prairie Underground, but I have never found a shop with such genuinely nice and helpful sales people. They will tell me when something doesn’t look good and always find things that make me look and feel good.  

Q: Describe your personal style.
A: I became a single mom when my son was six years old. I didn’t have the energy or money to focus on style for more than a decade. When my son left for college and I suddenly had a chance to focus on me, I discovered that my closet was full of frumpy and unflattering clothes. I’ve just started re-defining myself over the past year and my style is evolving, too. I owe a huge thanks to Nicole and the great team at Shop Adorn who kept me from picking the same “safe” clothes and encouraged me to try new looks. I kept refusing to try on the Prairie girdles until I came to a Shop the Block event and finally —after two vodka tonics and continued nudging by Nicole—had the courage to try them on. They are now my favorite pants and I have them in multiple colors – in both long and Capri lengths. I continue to get great advice every time I come in and each piece I add makes for so many wardrobe variations; I can now look in my closet and always find something I feel good wearing.

Q: What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?
A: I love my long cloak hoodie, so when it came out in a raincloak fabric, I immediately bought the Sable. I just this week picked up the same jacket in Sand for summer – on sale icon smile Online Customer of the Month   Kathy S.!

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Links We Love: Spring Cleaning with Style

Hello again, beautiful! It’s Mitra reporting back with another Links We Love. Once again, we’ve collected a few of our favorite tid-bits from around the Internet and today the theme is spring cleaning. We know spring cleaning can often be a daunting task – a task that also requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. However, we’ve discovered some ways to make it fun, practical, and foolproof! We hope these ideas inspire you to clean your act up while having fun at the same time!

Screen Shot 2014 04 11 at 11.12.07 AM e1397240082651 Links We Love: Spring Cleaning with Style

1) Closet Questionables? Our Social Media Manager, Katie, swears by this life hack! It’s really easy to be dishonest with yourself when you’re cleaning out your closet. We all want to keep those jeans that are just 5 lbs away from fitting…but if you haven’t worn them in the past 6 months, you’re better off making room in your closet for pieces that you will use and will actually enhance your wardrobe. The start of this spring season, flip all your hangers backwards as pictured above. Whenever you wear a piece and put it back, hang it the opposite way. At the end of the year, go through all the clothes on hangers that haven’t been turned around and consider donating them. When you do this, make sure to note where there are gaps and where you have too many repeats. Keep this in mind as you plan your seasonal shopping to make sure that you’re buying pieces you really need and will use.

spring Links We Love: Spring Cleaning with Style

2) Accessory Chaos! Make the most out of your closet space by utilizing unused boxes and containers around the house to store accessories. We love the use of these quirky and colorful orphaned teacups to keep your jewelry drawer organized. Another accessory that tends to be difficult to stow away are belts. Think twice before drilling holes into your walls to install a hanger– drill them into a wooden pant hanger instead! Pick up some small hooks and create a double-sided belt holder. This DIY project will increase your closet space more than you think!

celebrities with different body types Links We Love: Spring Cleaning with Style

3) Embrace your Body. We’re all guilty of impulsively buying pieces that are trendy and all the rage one season, but at the end of the day, don’t necessarily flatter our figure. Chances are you’ve barely worn it! Bite the bullet and throw those pieces out! I know, I know—it’s hard to justify tossing out a practically new outfit, but it’s not doing anything for you! Catherine Connelly shows you how to enhance that beautiful bod with some easy tips and tricks! Keep them in mind while you update your spring wardrobe.

pastel nyfw spring 2014 trend 01 w724 e1397240747336 Links We Love: Spring Cleaning with Style

4) Pretty in Pastel. Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to be trendy AND timeless at the same time! Pastel colors are always a classic spring and summer color scheme and translate beautifully into your winter wardrobe, as well. That mint blazer will look just as stunning under the summer sun as it does in the chill of winter. Something important to remember – cuts and shapes are usually more fleeting in the fashion world than colors. So use those super easy tips and tricks in the last link to find a shape that flatters you and then pick it in a pretty and feminine pastel!

Do you ladies have any of your own life hacks when it comes to cleaning out your closet? We’d love to hear ‘em! Tweet us your tips and tricks @shopadorn and maybe we will feature yours on Facebook!

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Brand Spotlight: Parfleche

Here at Shop Adorn, we don’t believe in the sentiment of having a bag problem. Rather, we prefer to say “it’s not a shopping addiction, I’m just adding to my collection!”  With that being said, have you seen all of our fabulous new Parfleche bags? It’s the perfect time to switch your winter bag for something with a little (or a lot) of a color pop. Just in case you didn’t know, Parfleche is a locally based brand that uses high quality leather and hard-to-find Pendleton fabrics for beautiful, hand constructed accessories. We are proud to have this brand in our store and know the lovely owner personally!

Parfleche Bag Brand Spotlight: Parfleche

This look would be perfect for a day date at the park or grabbing brunch with your girlfriends! The pattern on the blouse just screams “SPRING!” Featured items: Parfleche Cross Body Bag in Green, Pendleton Portland Collection blouse, Henry and Belle denim, Grayling Jewelry necklace, Yosi Samra sandal

Parfleche Bag1 Brand Spotlight: Parfleche

What’s a better summer activity than going to a music festival? This Parfleche tote is perfect for carrying all the necessities – sunscreen, camera, snacks, and merch! Who are you excited to see this summer? Featured items: Parfleche Pendleton tote in blue, Pendleton Portland Collection Champoeg Romper

Parfleche Bag2 Brand Spotlight: Parfleche

There’s something so dreamy about summer days that don’t set until 9pm. How did we survive through the winter? This is a perfect outfit for an afternoon of thrifting, especially on Hawthorne Street! Featured item: Parfleche large leather tote in mustard.

Leave a comment below on which bag is your favorite, or which accessory brand you’d like to see hit our site! And don’t forget to help us get to 3,000 likes on Facebook!

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