Meet Our Adorn Makers: SIN-MIN Lip Spread

about the brands 3 Meet Our Adorn Makers: SIN MIN Lip Spread


Here at Adorn, we’re a little obsessed with SIN-MIN Horchata lip spread. Smearing it on your lips is as indulgent as biting into a warm, sweet sticky bun and yet, it’s not sticky at all! It leaves your lips soft and buttery. So who’s the man to thank for our lip obsession? That would be Tyler and he’s about to tell us all about his company. Come along!

tyler sinmin 620x620 Meet Our Adorn Makers: SIN MIN Lip Spread
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Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!

adorn headshot Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!Chelsea’s current obsession is Southwestern style and therefore is loving the latest jewelry from Vanessa Mooney. Her absolute favorite is the Vanessa Mooney Silver Drifter Necklace which she pairs with the Ella Moss Stella Tank and Kut from the Kloth Emma Overalls. A recent graduate from the University of Oregon with degrees in English and Multimedia, she loves reading, writing, photography, design and fashion. She works in the shop and loves meeting our local customers, but also loves working behind the

scenes writing blog posts, taking pictures and inventing new ways to interact with our customers. She claims to smear avocado on most meals and loves a good whiskey.

jessica Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!To say Jessica is a go-getter doesn’t quite cut it. She is an avid runner, life-long athlete, taught herself to sew and is working two internships this summer after finishing her freshman year at the Pratt Institue in Brooklyn, NY. She studies Fashion Design and her personal style makes her interest in fashion obvious. Her style muses are Emma Watson (for evening wear) and Kate Bosworth (for casual style). Her favorite Adorn piece right now is the Prairie Underground Heron Dress.

Kaydia Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!As the picture would suggest, Kaydia feels most at home when she is in spending time exploring the great outdoors. She loves the Northwest and everything it has to offer. Kaydia is fun loving and she shows it through her style. She loves mixing bright patterns and prints, but always needs to be comfortable. It’s no wonder she is currently craving all the maxi dresses we have in for summer. Kaydia is obsessed with sweets almost as much as she is with cats. Her favorite spot to grab a sweet treat is Nothing Bundt Cakes.

caitlin Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!To use a term I usually avoid like the plague, Caitlin is a total foodie. Her favorite dish? Pasta. Pasta all the time, with anything. This University of Idaho student loves attending farmer’s markets, gardening, rock climbing, hanging out with friends and of course, shopping. Her go-to summer ensemble includes high-waisted shorts, a flowy tank top, strappy sandals and a messy bun. She loves working at our Portland boutique because of the passion for fashion and styling that the Adorn employees all share. A goal of hers is to own a munchkin cat. If you don’t know what that is click here (the kitty pictures won’t disappoint).

Sarah is a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Her favorite coffee treat? She says sitting down with a vanilla latte improves her mood almost every time. Sarah is a student at Vanguard University in southern California. Between a major in Public Relations and two minors, she has her hands full. She loves working for our Portland Boutique because she enjoys improving the visual representation of anything from a flyer to her outfit. Although shoes are her favorite item to shop for, she is currently obsessing over the Pendleton Portland Collection Champoeg Romper which she says is ideal for summer days. We agree!

sarah 620x415 Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!



edited smiling Meet Our Adorn Summer Interns!
Kaydia, Caitlin and Chelsea pose post-coffee




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Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

latest greatest Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

Finding the right summer beauty products can be a daunting task. While the heat rises, waxy lip products melt, heavy fragrances offend fellow bus-riders and the wrong make up can leave your face feeling  cake-y, and anything but glamorous.

With all this in mind, we’ve gathered up our latest beauty essentials that leave you feeling dewy and fresh from dawn through swarmy summer nights.

A smear of Sin-Min leaves lips tingling, but soft and sweet. If that wasn’t enough, it’s made from all natural and organic ingredients and packaged with recycled materials.

SIN MIN Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

sin min girl holding Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials





Dab a little on your wrists and neck to smell like you just got home from frolicking on the beach.

Olivine Amongts the Waves Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials amongts the waves Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

Olivine Amongst the Waves Eau de Parfum $80


olivine perfume samplet Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

Olivine Deluxe Perfume Oil Sampler Set $30

Show off your tan with these pretty neutrals:

Kerfuffle Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials
Butter Trallop Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials
Cuppa Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

butter london artsy Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

Butter London 3-Free Nail lacquer $15

Kai helps alleviate and eliminate the summer sweat and stink without smelling too perfume-y.

kai deodorant Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

kai logo Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials







Kai Scented Deodorant Stick $24

kai perfume Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials

      Kai hand cream Latest & Greatest: Summer Beauty Essentials                        Kai Eau de Parfum $76                                                                Kai Hand Cream $19

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What’s in Our Bag: Lacey

laceysbag Whats in Our Bag: Lacey

Lacey’s visits to the office and shop are always so much fun! This lovely lady may seem mild mannered on the outside, but she’s a ball of sass once you get to know her! She’s also incredibly talented. Not only does she hand pick our entire jewelry selection, but she’s also the creator of the gorgeous Lulu Jewelry line! We love her one-of-a-kind stone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They’re perfect for summer and oh so easy to style!

laceybag copy 900x600 Whats in Our Bag: Lacey

Lacey’s jewelry line lives by the motto “beauty in simplicity” and her bag lives up to that standard! The Cipriano Designs Anna Bag ($290) may not look like much, but the incredibly soft leather and durable construction make it irreplaceable! Lacey always looks put together when she comes to work, and its undoubtedly due to her arsenal of styling pieces! From her Lulu x Adorn Palm Necklace ($88) to the LA Made Oversized Stripe Scarf ($42), she’s always got the perfect accessories! Forget taking notes on your iPhone, Lacey loves an old fashioned notebook to fill with her creative ideas! Her bag is topped off with a classic pair of aviators and her pristine iPhone. How does it survive without a case?!


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Pinterest Buzz

pinterest buzz Pinterest Buzz

0cacfbab0535f881b9c8c906b36f4d5f e1404174039406 Pinterest BuzzJulie Brown Cleo Dress $154

2197b9e0d9ca3a86f5d22781dcfe5620 e1404173999283 Pinterest Buzz
Moss Handmade Seaglass Mandala Hoop Earrings $50

80c101066c827e75e3d4e4d3cc95104a Pinterest Buzz

0b81ade2cca2d0e38b6c221171fb4bc0 Pinterest Buzz

31 Bits Dot Bracelet $10

1fe929d53c9bad286f9b38b6d0ba3962 Pinterest Buzz

Bridge and Burn Grebe Dress $90

61acc129c999f0e54ba818ed9139a50f e1404174027835 Pinterest Buzz
Beet Kvass Soda

b4d34bf287618097059e46ee100e8b3d e1404173990814 Pinterest Buzz
Lulu x Adorn Solaro Necklace $72

00e3a3668cab2eeaf718ba2291812a3c Pinterest BuzzBraised Chicken Tacos

531c7e4a4512c8c37539575688387b43 Pinterest Buzz

Julie Brown Milo Dress $152

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Latest & Greatest: Delicious Denim

latest greatest Latest & Greatest: Delicious Denim

pru denimgirdle legging drab grande e1403722284735 Latest & Greatest: Delicious Denim

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